Vessel Inspections

From bow to stern: complete service

QUEST MARINE LLC’s survey & Consultancy division conducts physical inspection of shipborne cargo, marine units, ships and their machinery, to ascertain their compliance with the statutory rules, regulations and standard marine practices. The scope includes the issuance of reports with “time-bound” recommendations, which can assist the client in a decision making process with regard to procurement, repairs, maintenance, insurance and assessment of value.

Our survey and consultancy division conducts the following:

  1. Marine Cargo and Container Pre-shipment Survey.
  2. Heavy Lift and Project Cargo handling and loading survey.
  3. On and Off-Hire Surveys.
  4. Oil Volume and Quantity Survey / Bunker Survey.
  5. P&I Condition Survey.
  6. H&M Condition Survey.
  7. Pre-Purchase and Valuation Survey.
  8. Documentary Valuation Survey.
  9. Warranty & Towage Surveys for Special Risk.
  10. Single Demolition Voyage Approval Survey.