Quest Marine LLC is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and a registered Marine Consultancy Service provider, established with a view to eulogise the phrase:

“Maritime .... Anytime” / "Quest for Excellence"


Risk Assessment Audits, on behalf of Owners and/or Underwriters

Before you can manage risks you need to identify them and how big they are. The marine industries have risks attached to every facet of operations, regardless whether on shore or a float. At Quest Marine, we can provide our clients (Underwriters, Facility Owners, Ship Owners and Vessel Managers) with a comprehensive assessment of their operational risks and measures they can implement to mitigate the risks, in line with the requirements of the ISM and ISO Codes.

Consultancy to Fleet Owners on Claim matters.

From time to time, all ship owners and operators have to handle matters concerned with insurance claims, as either a claimant or defendant. Dealing with local or international claims, we can supervise and manage all aspects of marine insurance on an individual project basis or a longer term consultancy basis.

Vessel Inspections on behalf of Owners and/or Underwriters.

Physical inspections of vessels and machinery to ascertain their compliance with the statutory rules, regulations and standard marine practices. Issuance of reports with recommendations, which can assist the client in a decision making process with regards to procurements, repairs, maintenance, insurance and value assessment.

Render assistance in Salvaging Distressed Vessels.

Natural disasters, inadvertent neglect of fleets and harbour's or unexpected release of oil or other pollutants from sunken or damaged vessels can quickly become major catastrophes for governments or large companies.
Quest Marine (LLC) - Dubai, has the capability to mobilise specialised personnel with considerable experience in attending marine casualties in a consulting or surveying capacity. Our resources are accustomed to managing fast moving and developing situations, and provide top quality crisis management. Our on-site leadership can allow employees to remain focused on their own responsibilities while supporting the response effort at hand.
Our scope of work in salvage and wreck removal includes:
  1. Provision of preliminary advice on salvage feasibility and methodology to mitigate and minimise loss and prevent or minimise pollution
  2. Invitations to tender for wreck removal, bid evaluation and technical advice on contracts.
  3. Co-ordination and/or management of salvage operations.
  4. Monitoring and assessment of strength and stability during salvage or wreck removal operations.
  5. Mobilisation of Pollution prevention and control mechanism.
  6. Mobilisation of lightering operations.
  7. Mobilisation of Bunker and cargo removal operations.

Ship Management and Operations.

Our goal is to provide, a well-coordinated and efficient ship management capability. Our personnel can advise Owners, Charterers, Shippers or Receivers on all aspects of problems or disputes arising from their marine operations.
Our range of services include:-
1. Technical support.
2. Operation.
3. Maintenance and Repair.
4. ISM compliance/ Safety and Quality Assurance.
5. Maintenance of store.
6. Stores purchase assistance.

Damage investigation of Ship, Machinery and Cargo.

We, on behalf of Underwriters, Owners, Charterers or other Third Party Principals, provide a comprehensive response to all types of casualties. Whether it is investigation of damages to ship, machinery and cargo, to determine possible cause and/or extent of any damage and also to assist in mitigating further losses. We gather the facts, provide timely advices, and where instructed, provide on-site instructions and guidance on behalf of our instructing client. We can also work with all parties to prepare detailed damage report and assist in developing repair specifications. Additionally, we can provide oversight of damage repairs, and review repair accounts, whilst representing the best interests of our client.

Marine Warranty Survey.

Quest Marine LLC acts as Marine Warranty Surveyor either on behalf of underwriters and their assureds, or for self-insured clients. Our marine surveyors have experience in every possible marine environment – including single voyage approvals right through to major offshore energy projects, our marine surveyors have the knowledge to ensure that risks are minimised.
A Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) provides independent third-party review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation projects, from the planning to the execution stages.
To help our clients understand Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) requirements, we have our own Guidelines for Marine Operations. In every case, you will benefit from a consistently well-researched, quality-assured approach, using our considerable expertise and experience to identify risk and advice on measures to mitigate and minimise it. To provide operators and contractors with independent verification of procedures, we review technical documentation and undertake on-site inspections. We take pride in offering the highest technical standards of work, and that we communicate our findings and recommendations effectively.
We are one of the leading providers of marine warranty surveys and engineering reviews, essential components in reducing the risk of loss or damage.

Project Management for New Builds and Conversions.

Any marine project from start up to commission requires the experience, knowledge and expertise that we offer to assist towards a successful outcome. Our project management team can advise on new build, conversion or repairs. From the initial discussions and project start-up through to project planning, contract negotiations, plan approval, site supervision up to the trials and the handover. We along with our associate Naval Architecture can provide technical consultancy and supervisory personnel to manage each project every step on the way, as the Owner's representative and/or Project manager.
New Building
1. Development of the technical specification including all necessary production drawings.
2. Tender evaluation and benchmarking/normalisation
3. Contractual negotiations on the technical specification
4. On site supervision and reporting
5. Commissioning, testing and trials
6.Handover and delivery
Purchase Assistance:
Product selection and sourcing against budget. Technical review of alternative arrangements and weighting of relative merits.

Assistance for Repair / Refit Superintendency

We provides all necessary technical support and marine expertise, to plan, coordinate and supervise both “scheduled and non-scheduled” activities for normal maintenance, major maintenance, breakdown repairs, overhauls and modifications of vessels. We have the capability to manage and prepare repair work scope, with a view to enable maintenance and modification works to be undertaken in an efficient manner.
Repair and Refit
1. Preparation of the repair or docking specification
2. Selection of potential repair/refit yards
3. Tender bid evaluation and benchmarking/normalisation
4. On site supervision and reporting
5. Commissioning, testing and trails
Pre-Yard Vessel Survey
Condition Survey for defect identification. Development of work lists. Contractor selection and supervision. On site management including work prioritisation, critical path analysis, contract oversight and reporting against budget.
Post Refit Warranty Surveys
Independent verification of completion to satisfactory quality. This can also be ongoing to Survey and document any possible problems from bad workmanship/faulty parts or machinery.

Bunker and Cargo Monitoring Surveys.

  1. Verifying onboard quantities and monitoring bunker receivables.
  2. Monitoring loading & unloading of dry cargo and bulk cargo. Conducting draft surveys and cargo contamination investigation.

Yachts New Builds / Refurbishment.

The team can oversee new builds and refits anywhere in the world with the ability to match your needs with the finest builders and shipyards in the industry. When it comes to building new yacht, or refurbishing an existing yacht, the QUEST MARINE (LLC) has the experience and knowledge to manage your project every step of the way. QUEST MARINE LLC would provide all the consultancy services for your yacht, from the initial concept and design stage through to completion and delivery of your vessel.

Yachts Maintenance

The maintenance of your yacht is important and we do realise that the following aspects depend on proper maintenance.
1. Safety of your yacht at sea
2. Resale value of your yacht
Our team have the right people to take care of the maintenance of your precious yacht. Our aim is simple: to make life as easy as possible for you, by letting us take care of all the burdensome details relating to the general maintenance of your yacht. You can leave your yacht in our expert hands and receive on return the highest level of support and professional commitment.
Our extensive weekly and monthly schedules will ensure that the regular preventive maintenance on your boat reduces the chance of major problems and our staff will keep an eye on your vessel regularly. Our services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any project, from new builds to repairs and refurbishment.
As the Owner’s Representatives and Project Managers for your yacht, the QUEST MARINE LLC Team will review every detail of the project to ensure that all quality standards are met, including Class and Flag requirements.

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