Ship Assistance

Optimised assistance

QUEST MARINE LLC’s survey and salvage team have the capability to mobilize specialized personnel, with considerable related experience, in attending marine casualties, in a consulting or surveying capacity.
Our resources are accustomed to managing fast-moving and developing situations and provide top quality crisis management. Our on-site leadership can allow the team members to remain focused on their own responsibilities while supporting the response effort, at hand.

Our scope of work in salvage and wreck removal includes:

  1. Provision of preliminary advice on salvage feasibility and methodology to mitigate and minimise loss and prevent pollution.
  2. Invitations to tender for wreck removal, bid evaluation and technical advice on contracts.
  3. Coordination and/or management of salvage operations.
  4. Monitoring and assessment of strength and stability during salvage or wreck removal operations.
  5. Mobilisation of Pollution prevention and control mechanism.
  6. Mobilisation of lightening operations.
  7. Mobilisation of Bunker and cargo removal operations.