Damage Investigation

Extensive investigation of
ship, machinery & cargo

Our marine survey and casualty division assists in the investigation of damage to the ship, machinery, and cargo, to determine the possible cause and/or extent of any damage and also to assist in mitigating further losses. We gather facts, provide timely advice, and where instructed, provide on-site instructions and guidance on behalf of our instructing client. We can also work with all parties to prepare a detailed damage report and assist in developing repair specifications. Additionally, we can provide oversight of damage repairs, and review repair accounts, whilst representing the best interests of our client.

Our marine survey and casualty investigation division conducts the following:

  1. Cargo Damage survey.
  2. Container Damage Survey.
  3. Medical Assistance of seafarers and repairs.
  4. Fire and Flood Investigation.
  5. General Loss adjustment and evaluation.
  6. Cargo Disputes and Claims.
  7. Bill of Ladings and Charter party Disputes.
  8. H&M Damage survey.
  9. P&I claims survey.