Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

Hearty welcome to the website of QUEST MARINE LLC.

The voyage of success has been immensely gratifying, albeit with numerous challenges and rumblings. The “crew list”, within the annals of Quest Marine’s bastion, have continually raised the bar, to overcome every challenge, successfully.

The retention of existing Clients and ever increasing list of newer Clients is a testimony of our success.

We have maintained our focus and continue to be riveted to our core ideology of “Providing Quality service to our Clients”, at fair and reasonable professional charges.

QUEST MARINE LLC has also stayed abreast with the evolving market trends and demands. Consequently, we have re-vamped our man power resources and undergone repeated professional training for our staff.
The highlight of our growth has been the acceptance of QUEST MARINE LLC as a regional representative of the prestigious WK Webster Group (headquartered in the UK). Having worked very hard to pre-qualify, we are now proud to announce that we have signed a “Service Level Agreement” with “Seawise Maritime Services – Singapore” and “International Survey Agency – UK” (both being sister concerns of the WKW Group).
In order to meet the globally acceptable standards, we have improvised our quality management standards and embarked upon upgrading to ABS accredited 9001:2015 ISO system.
At QUEST MARINE LLC, we believe that Client satisfaction and staff satisfaction are two sides of the same coin.

The QUEST for EXCELLENCE continues, because…..


The voyage of success would not have been possible without the support and patronage of all our families, friends, well-wishers and, above all, OUR MOST VALUED CLIENTS.
We request readers to contact us for discussing matters of mutual interest and also provide their value addition feedback, which will assist us to improvise our competence.

Warm regards,

Uday Moorthi
Managing Director