Risk Assessment Audits

Before you can manage risks you need to identify them and understand its gravity. The marine industry has risks attached to every facet of its operations, regardless whether onshore or afloat.

QUEST MARINE's survey & Consultancy division provides our clients (Underwriters, Facility Owners, Ship Owners and Managers) with a comprehensive assessment of their operational risks and suggest measures that they can implement to mitigate the risks, in line with the requirements of the ISM and ISO Codes.

QUEST MARINE's risk assessment profile includes a plethora of activities, such as :

1. Marine Solutions and Consultancy Services.
2. Risk Assessment Audits.
3. Crew and Office Management Assessment (JH 2006/010C)
4. Engine Room Management & Machinery Risk Assessment (JH 2006/010A)
5. Condition Survey (JH 2006/010B)
6. Structural Condition Survey (JH 2006/010D)
7. Shipyard and/ or Project Risk Assessment JH 2009